Discovering the Buzz: Different Types of Hard Seltzer in Australia

Explore the world of hard seltzer types available in Australia - From original to fruit-flavoured, sour and cocktail versions. There's a hard seltzer for everyone, and for every mood.

Understanding Hard Seltzer

If you’re a fan of chilled and refreshing beverages, you might have heard about the latest trend in the industry – the rise of hard seltzers. Imagine a clean, crisp drink, similar to a lightly carbonated water, but with the added bonus of alcohol. That’s essentially what hard seltzer is. In Australia, these fizzy delights have been creating a buzz, with the market constantly being filled with novel and exciting options. So let’s take a journey and explore the many types of hard seltzer you can find.

Original Hard Seltzer

Original hard seltzer is the straightforward base that grips seltzer enthusiasts. Usually, it’s defined by a clean and neutral taste, often infused with a dash of fruit flavour. It’s the go-to choice if you are new to the world of hard seltzer.

Fruit-Flavored Hard Seltzer

Fruit-flavoured hard seltzers are rapidly becoming popular among Australians. These types of seltzers carry the essence and flavour of various fruits. From popular choices such as lemon and lime to more exotic options such as passion fruit and pomegranate, the possibilities are endless. They offer a refreshing lightness and the perfect flavourful tang to balance the alcohol content.

Sour Hard Seltzer

If you’re after an adventurous alternative, sour hard seltzer is a category that might tickle your fancy. Having a stronger and more distinct flavour than its counterparts, sour hard seltzer offers a tangy twist that leaves your taste buds asking for more.

Hard Seltzer Cocktails

These are the creative concoctions that mixologists adore. Hard seltzer cocktails are an incredible fusion of the classic hard seltzer base with a range of ingredients, spices, and flavours. They pay homage to the traditional cocktail scene, and yet stand apart thanks to the unique lightness and carbonation of seltzer. It opens up vast opportunities for mixologists and DIY enthusiasts to experiment and create unique drinks.

The Luxury of Low-Calorie Ambrosia

The beauty of hard seltzers is not just in their refreshing flavours and carbonation, but also in their nutritional profile. Many types of hard seltzer are low in calories compared to traditional alcoholic beverages. If you’re on a health kick or simply prefer lighter drinks, hard seltzers make a great choice.

Choosing Your Seltzer

The world of hard seltzer in Australia is both exciting and diverse. Choosing the right one depends on personal preferences. Are you a fan of traditional flavours, or are you up for exploring something a little unusual? Do you love the simplicity of the original hard seltzer, or do the adventurous concoctions of hard seltzer cocktails appeal to you more? The choices are endless, and the best part is, there’s no wrong answer!


In conclusion, the world of hard seltzer types in Australia is rapidly growing, with more and more choices becoming available for consumers. From original to flavoured, sour and cocktail versions, there is a hard seltzer for everyone, for every mood and every occasion. Go ahead, join the seltzer boom and explore these refreshing beverages!

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