The Low-Cal Staples: A Complete Guide on Seltzer Alcohol Calories

Unwrap the mystery behind seltzer alcohol calories. Get acquainted with why hard seltzers have low-calorie content, individual calorie count of popular seltzers in Australia, and why it's essential to have a balanced approach to their consumption.

Hard seltzers have taken the drinking scene by storm in Australia, popular for their low calorie count and refreshing taste. But do you ever wonder just how many calories are in your favourite hard seltzer? Today, we’re going to dive deep into the nitty-gritty details about seltzer alcohol calories.

Hard Seltzers: The Low-Cal Delight

Hard seltzers, which are essentially alcoholic sparkling water, are loved for their laid-back vibes and easy-drinking nature. They’ve become the go-to beach day beverage and the ultimate backyard BBQ accomplice. But besides their thirst-quenching and pleasant alcoholic kick, they’re also known for their low-calorie count. Most hard seltzers have anywhere between 80 to 100 calories per can. That’s significantly lower than a standard beer, which generally contains around 150 calories, or cocktails, which can go up to 600 calories per glass!

Why are Hard Seltzers Low in Calories?

The secret to the low-calorie content of hard seltzers lies in their production process. They’re typically made from a mixture of carbonated water, alcohol, and fruit flavourings. The alcohol usually comes from fermented cane sugar or malted barley, which have fewer calories than the traditional ingredients used in beer or spirits. Plus, the usage of natural or artificial fruit flavourings contributes to the calorie content, but it’s still significantly lesser than sugary mixers found in cocktails.

Common Seltzer Alcohol Calories

Let’s break down the calorie content of some of the popular hard seltzer brands in Australia:

  • White Claw: With a 4.5% alcohol volume, the popular White Claw ranges between 95-100 calories per 330 ml can, depending on the flavour.
  • Fellr: Known for its local Australian ethos, each 330ml can of Fellr with its 4% alcohol contains only 85 calories.
  • Sunly Seltzer: With an array of botanical flavours, Sunly Seltzer weighs in at 80 calories for its 4% alcohol 330ml can.

Drinking Seltzers: A Balanced Approach

While the low calorie count in hard seltzers might seem like a green light to drink liberally, remember that they still contain alcohol. Consuming alcohol should always be done with moderation. Additionally, a drink’s calorie count is only one aspect of its nutritional profile. While seltzers are indeed a lower-calorie alternative to beer, wine, or spirits, it’s also important to consider other factors like sugar content or the dehydrating effect of alcohol.


In conclusion, seltzers are a popular choice for those who enjoy a leisurely drink but want to keep an eye on their caloric intake. Armed with this understanding of seltzer alcohol calories, you can make informed decisions about incorporating them into your lifestyle. But remember, the key to enjoying any alcoholic beverage is always moderation!

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