Is Seltzer Soda Water? Understanding the Surprising Facts about Your Favourite Beverage

Are you confused if seltzer is the same as soda water? Discover their differences in taste, preparation, and health impact in this blog post. We'll help you understand your favourite fizzy drinks better!

You’re sitting by the pool on a hot summer day in Australia, holding a cold can of fizzy seltzer. A friend passes by, takes a look, sniffs and asks, ‘Is seltzer soda water?’ You pause, can in hand, and realize, you’re not really sure. That’s a problem we’re here to fix. Let’s answer this question once and for all!

Defining Seltzer and Soda Water

The language around fizzy water can be quite muddled. There are so many terms – carbonated water, sparkling water, seltzer, soda water. They are often used interchangeably, but there are differences.

Soda water, sometimes known as club soda, gets its fizz from carbon dioxide. It usually contains added minerals like sodium bicarbonate or potassium sulfate which can affect its flavour.

“Seltzer” on the other hand, usually refers to plain, unflavoured carbonated water. However, there are now many flavoured seltzers out there, including the ever-popular hard seltzers. These beverages have the fizz of soda water, but are usually made with natural flavours and contain alcohol.

How are they made?

Both soda water and seltzer are manufactured by pressurising and chilling water while adding carbon dioxide. This creates carbonic acid, which makes your drink fizzy. The biggest difference between these two lies in the additives. Soda water contains some minerality while seltzer usually doesn’t.

What about taste?

When tasted side by side, you can tell the difference. Soda water has a slightly salty taste due to the added minerals. Seltzer, on the other hand, is more neutral. If you’re switching from soda and juice to lessen your sugar intake, seltzer’s the way to go!

Difference in Mixes

Mixologists often prefer soda water to seltzer for some cocktails. The minerals in soda water can enhance the flavour in ways seltzer can’t. But for a simple drink, like a vodka soda or a tequila with lime, seltzer is your best best because of its neutral flavour.

Seltzer and Health

If you’re watching your waistline, seltzer can be a great alternative to soda. Hard seltzers, in particular, are usually lower in calories and sugar than other alcoholic beverages.

The Final Say

So, is seltzer soda water? In summary, not exactly. While both are fizzy and refreshing, soda water has added minerals while seltzer is usually just carbonated water. But whether you prefer one over the other really comes down to personal taste.

Now the next time someone asks, ‘Is seltzer soda water?’, you can confidently answer and impress your friends with your hard seltzer knowledge. Seltzer or soda water, whichever you choose, enjoy your bubbly beverage!

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