Breaking Down the Hype: Is Hard Seltzer Healthy?

Delving into the health impact of the increasingly popular hard seltzers. Explore its basic ingredients, calorie content, sugar and carb content, hydration aspects and the importance of moderation in consumption.

When it comes to enjoying a refreshing drink, hard seltzers have recently skyrocketed in popularity in Australia. But you might catch yourself wondering, ‘Is hard seltzer healthy?’ Well, strap yourself in for a deep dive into the world of hard seltzers, especially their health effects.

The Basic Ingredients

Understanding whether hard seltzers are healthy begins with knowing the basic components. Hard seltzers contain carbonated water, alcohol, and often a dash of fruit flavor. The alcohol in most hard seltzers comes from fermented cane sugar or malted barley, similar to that used in beer brewing.

Calorie Content

Here’s the deal – compared to their alcoholic counterparts, hard seltzers tend to be lower in calories. It’s no secret that alcohol usually carries a heavy calorie load. However, most standard hard seltzers range between 90 to 110 calories per 355 mL can, making them a lighter alternative to traditional beers, wines, or mixed drinks. But remember, lower calorie doesn’t necessarily translate to healthier.

Sugar and Carb Content

Another factor putting hard seltzer on the health radar is its low sugar and carbohydrate content. Some brands boast 0 grams of sugar, making them an attractive option for those monitoring their sugar intake. However. it’s important to check the nutritional labels as not all hard seltzers are created equal.

Gluten-free Option

For those with gluten sensitivities or following a gluten-free lifestyle, hard seltzers brewed from cane sugar instead of malted barley present a gluten-free alcohol option. This is an edge hard seltzer has over traditional beer.

What about Hydration?

While hard seltzers do contain water, it doesn’t mean they hydrate your body. The alcohol content in these drinks has a dehydrating effect, which means the more you drink, the more water your body needs to compensate.

Drinking in Moderation

No matter how health-friendly a drink may seem, moderation is key. The Australian guidelines suggest no more than ten standard drinks per week and no more than four on any day to reduce harm from alcohol. Consuming alcohol beyond these limits regularly can lead to health issues.

So, is hard seltzer healthy? Well, when compared to other alcoholic beverages, it definitely presents a lighter option with fewer calories and less sugar. Some could argue that makes it a healthier choice. But remember, no matter how ‘healthy’ an alcoholic beverage may seem, they’re still laden with alcohol and should be consumed in moderation. Stay diligent about your health and make drink choices that complement your lifestyle and wellness goals.

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